Motherhood | Author: Ann Coxon

A captivating visual exploration of motherhood, as seen through the eyes of artists over the last 150 years. Depictions of motherhood are ever present in Western art yet are rarely questioned or challenged. Perhaps we may shy away from a subject that could be seen as sentimental or overly associated with idealistic constructs of femininity, nurture, and care. 

Giving birth to their creations, artists have represented this vital and complex subject in a variety of ways, offering insight into what motherhood might mean--its joys and challenges--and seeking to articulate its unspoken aspects. This beautiful gift book delves into the subject of motherhood as seen through the eyes of artists, providing a fresh insight into maternity as an art historical subject and revealing the ways in which it has been confronted and reimagined in the last 150 years. Featuring 50 artworks in a variety of media, this book is a celebration of motherhood in all its complexity.

21.4 x 17.1cm
128 pages

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