Primavera 2019: Young Australian Artists

Since 1992, the Primavera series has showcased the works of artists in the early stages of their career. Each year, a curator is invited to select artists from across Australia that they feel represent current trends and styles emerging in the next generation.

Primavera 2019 presents the work of seven artists – Mitchel Cumming, Rosina Gunjarrwanga, Lucina Lane, Aodhan Madden, Kenan Namunjdja, Zoe Marni Robertson and Coen Young – who explore a broad range of ideas. These include the museum as institution, the endurance of cultural knowledge, notions of communication and the construction of meaning itself.

Primavera 2019 will be the 28th edition of the exhibition and curated by Sydney artist Mitch Cairns.

Assistant Curators:Stephanie Berlangieri & Dominic Kavanagh 

17.5 x 23.5cm
Soft Cover
104 pages

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