Things To Do Indoors | Activity cards by Dawn Isaac

'I'm bored' must be the most frightening words in a child's vocabulary, and how to keep kids entertained is something that keeps many of us awake at night. 100 Things to Do Indoors is a collection of games, activities, prompts and projects to keep little and not-so-little ones focused, busy and happy. From simple and silly things to distract them for ten minutes to crafts and experiments to keep them entertained for an afternoon, there's a boredom buster for everyone.

Pick a play prompt strip to give you all the inspiration you need whether you're a parent, a grandparent, a childcare worker or simply the one in charge of a child for a day! Embrace the indoors and ... Get creative with slime, goop and bath bombs. Channel your inner scientist with lava bottles, erupting volcanoes and magic drinks. Make a time capsule, have a Yes day, or build a tape town. The activities are written with children aged 3-8 years in mind but it's your call as to how much help, support and age-appropriate supervision they might need ... make whatever adjustments are necessary and of course... Have fun!

15.8 x 5.4 x 5.4cm (box size)

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