The Philosopher Queens: The lives and legacies of philosophy's unsung women | Editor: Rebecca Buxton

Where are the women philosophers? The answer is right here. The history of philosophy has not done women justice: you've probably heard the names Plato, Kant, Nietzsche and Locke — but what about Hypatia, Arendt, Oluwole and Young?

The Philosopher Queens is a long-awaited book about the lives and works of women in philosophy by women in philosophy. This collection brings to centre stage twenty prominent women whose ideas have had a profound — but for the most part uncredited — impact on the world. You'll learn about Ban Zhao, the first woman historian in ancient Chinese history; Angela Davis, perhaps the most iconic symbol of the American Black Power Movement; and many more. 

Authors: Rebecca Buxton and Lisa Whiting
21.5 x 13.3cm
288 pages

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