Silk tie | Waran by Minyawe Miller | One of Twelve

In Waran the rhythmic linear dotting in this work represents the tali (sandhills) of the area surrounding Waran. This significant site sits within Minyawe Miller’s ngurra (home Country). In this work, Miller’s use of negative space evokes the long, sharp shadows that announce the days end in the desert. A restricted colour palette and sparing dot work conjures what could as easily be a starry night sky as a series of shifting sandhills, glinting in the dying light.

Born in the pujiman (traditional, desert dwelling) days, Martu man Minyawe Miller grew up travelling across the Country around Punmu with his family. As a young man, Miller walked across great stretches of this Country carrying only his tajitaji (smouldering stick) and jurna (hunting stick). Hearing of other pujiman people settling in missions and communities across the Eastern Pilbara, Miller and his family walked in to Jigalong mission. An excellent horseman, Miller worked for many years on pastoral stations across the Pilbara, breaking horses and building roads by hand. Miller now lives in Punmu with his wife and extended family. Miller is a formidable painter, his work recognisable by his decisive use of line and colour. 

One of Twelve is an Australian organisation that showcases the work of emerging and established artists from the Asia Pacific region. They are dedicated to celebrating and contributing to the art sector of this region through the production of beautiful, wearable art in the form of vibrant, 100% silk ties. These ties a produced through working directly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art centres, whose important, empowering work is essential to their communities. Every artist that collaborates with the organisation receives royalties from your purchase.

100% silk satin with cotton padding and silk lining
Presented in a beautiful gift box
Accompanied by a card, detailing the artist’s work and practice.

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