Earrings | Alarm clock studs

Teeny little intricately hand coloured studs - a surefire cure for non morning people!

Milk Thieves is a youthful accessories label designed and handmade by South Coast based creative, Emma Lee. Inspired by nostalgic pop culture icons and tasty treats, her range of mini-sized pins and stud earrings are based on original illustrations and made from sustainable, laser-cut bamboo. Each item is hand-coloured using acrylic paints and pens and finished with matte varnish and stainless steel stems.

Please note due to the fact that every pair of Milk Thieves earrings are original and hand coloured, slight variations in colour and design may be present.

Size: 1 x 1cm each
Handmade in Australia
Materials: Laser-cut bamboo and Acrylic paint
Stainless steel stems

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