Rotography: A New Universe of the Visual | Author: Jürg Stünzi

Instead of the horizontal panning movement used to create a classic panoramic image, the author experiments with curves as well as vertical or parallel shifting. A fixed camera recording of turning objects leads to surprising outcomes and a whole new dimension of imaging. The results simultaneously show multiple sides and angles of an object, offering a fascinatingly deconstructed perception.

Artifacts and objects unravel into new sculptures, at the same time familiar and irritatingly different - stylized and estheticized by rotography. The perspective dissolves as photographic boundaries are exceeded to a new extreme. This illustrated book takes the reader through this creative experiment with the iPhone into a new dimension of panorama photography and invites to explore one's own creative ventures, and to immerse contemplatively in the world of rotography.

26.6 x 30.5cm
96 pages

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