Landscape painting now: From Pop Abstraction to New Romanticism | Edited by: Todd Bradway

Brimming with some of the brightest stars in the contemporary art world, this is a far-reaching exploration of the very best landscape painting now. Whether as a reaction to our technological present or as a manifestation of fears concerning our environmental future, depictions of the natural world in painting have never seemed more pertinent or urgent. Surprisingly, there has not been an ambitious and wide-reaching publication on the subject - until now.

The result of several years' worth of research, Landscape Painting Now is the first book to explore the very best contemporary landscape painting. Featuring artists from nearly twenty-five countries born over seven decades, this text explores the notion of what is actually called a landscape painting today, and looks to expand beyond commonly held preconceptions concerning the genre.

Text by: Barry Schwabsky
28.7 x 26.7cm
368 pages

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