How to Cut an Orange | Author: Zoe Croggon

Much reveals itself in the work of Melbourne-based artist Zoe Croggon, though some cues speak louder than others. There is Croggon's lucid understanding of the kinetic body and its syntax of gestures; figures float, curve, and drape in an elegant, unknowable choreography. There are the formal and technical particularities of her unique rendition of collage. Stripping the process to its most economical and decisive form, Croggon allows the single cut or the sculptural fold to do the heavy lifting. Dig deeper and the artist's slow, methodical mining of the archive begins to reveal itself; her deep reading, research, and weaving-together of key threads from art, performance, and architectural history. In recent years, drawing has permeated her practice; raw cuts and lively strokes scarring her work's various surfaces.

Piecing together a selection of works made over the last eight years, Croggon's striking new artist's book How to Cut an Orange embraces the written word more wholeheartedly than ever before. Featuring an incisive abstracted essay by the celebrated young poet Samantha Abdy, and a selection of poems by Croggon's mother - the renowned cultural critic, author and poet, Alison Croggon - How to Cut an Orange puts the artist's sensuous, visceral photographic collages in direct conversation with the words and worlds that bracket and surround them.

32 x 24 cm
104 Pages

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