Have You Seen Dinosaur? | Author: David Barrow

Play hide and seek with a boy, his animal friends and a dinosaur that’s surprisingly hard to spot in the city. The brilliantly interactive follow-up to international bestselling picture book, Have You Seen Elephant?

Best friends boy, dog and elephant are VERY good at hide-and-seek. There’s a missing dinosaur in the city—who better to spot this elusive giant? They search the skate park, the museum, the subway... No one in the city can spot the dinosaur, not even this crack hide-and-seek team. But delighted readers will be pointing “There it is!” from the first page.

This absurd, laugh-out-loud picture book for preschoolers is richly illustrated with David Barrow’s trademark beautiful use of light and colour and dramatic cityscapes—a guaranteed hit with dinosaur-loving toddlers.

28.3 x 23.3cm
32 pages

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