Climate change and the nation state: The realist case | Author: Anatol Lieven

A major new book that will provoke innumerable discussions on why the most urgent issue confronting us all needs national solutions.

Anatol Lieven provides the frame that has long been needed to understand how we should react to climate change. This is a vast challenge, but we have often in the past had to deal with such challenges - the industrial revolution, major wars and mass migration have seen mobilizations of human energy on the greatest scale. Just as previous generations had to face the unwanted and unpalatable, so do we.

In a series of incisive, compelling interventions, Lieven shows how in this emergency our crucial building block is the nation state. The drastic action required both to change our habits and protect ourselves can be carried out not through some vague globalism but through maintaining social cohesion and through our current governmental, fiscal and military structures.

19.7 x 12.9cm
240 pages

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