5 Minute Ocean Stories | Author: Gabby Dawnay

Dive into the world of oceans with this lavish read-aloud non-fiction collection. Each read-aloud, 5-minute story celebrates life in our oceans, from the deepest sea to the brightest coral reef. At the end of each story, explore an informative 'all about' page and learn further information on scientific concepts such as life cycles, migration, the food chain, and much more.

Gabby Dawnay is an award-winning author of children's books, a regular contributor to OKIDO magazine, and a scriptwriter for children's television. Her best-selling 'If I had a... ' picture book series has been translated into more than 20 languages.

The illustrator, Mona K, is passionate about drawing quirky faces and exploring the woods. She spends her time dabbling in arts and design, crafts with a purpose and occasionally baking cake-like goods.

28 x 21.7cm
96 Pages

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