Tea Towel - Fancy Room x David Shrigley

David Shrigley is a Glasgow-based artist whose humourous drawing style evolved as a reaction to the seriousness of the art he was expected to produce at art school. He bases his work on intuition rather than long-winded theory and is renowned for his drawings, sculptures and artist’s books which act as an index of his angst about modern living, his disappointments and his cynicism. 

Produced by Melbourne-based Third Drawer Down this quirky tea towel features the work Large Fancy Room Filled With Crap, which was going to be the title for Shrigley's first retrospective show at the Hayward Gallery in London until it was changed to ‘Brain Activity’. It is 100% linen, 100% functional in the kitchen but also perfect stretched on a canvas or framed as a work of art. 

Artwork: David Shrigley, Large Fancy Room Filled With Crap, © the artist
100% Linen Tea Towel 
50 x 70cm
Open edition

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