Lost Rocks: Granite | Author: Lyndal Jones

It?s the hardness that holds no moisture. It?s the completeness, the stillness that has no give ? no reflection of the other ? In this case at least it?s not even a coldness. That would imply disdain.

Written by multidisciplinary artist Lyndal Jones,?Granite?is?recounts Jones' journey into her families past, in particular the stony nature of her grandmother and retracing the Gordon name to the east coast of Scotland and the granite city, Aberdeen.

An accumulative event of mineralogical, metaphysical and metallurgical telling,?Lost Rocks?(2017?21) is a unique library of forty three books composed by forty six contemporary artists from around the world. Part artwork, part curatorial platform and part experiment in publishing as art practice.

Edition of 300
18 x 11cm
96 pages

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