Yulyurlu Lorna Fencer Napurrurla | Author: Margie West

'Insights into Napurrurla's artmaking process, including her experimentation with colour, gestural brushwork, layering of pigments and abstraction of natural forms, offer informative starting points for practical and critical classroom investigations.' SCAN Journal, Vol. 35, No. 2

Yulyurlu Lorna Fencer Napurrurla (c. 1920s-2006) was an important pioneer of the Central Desert art movement. She began painting with acrylics at the Lajamanu School art program in 1986, and within a decade had emerged as one of the most original and highly sought-after artists in the region.

This comprehensive profile of Yulyurlu illustrates her bold and expressive artwork, with its brilliant use of colour and ongoing graphic explorations of her Yam Dreaming complex from the Tanami Desert. Collectively these represent a major transitional moment in the history of the contemporary Indigenous art movement.

Editor: Margie West
Contributors: Yulyurlu Lorna Fencer Napurrurla, Louise Partos, Barbara Ambjerg Pedersen, Chips Mackinolty, Christine Nicholls
26 x 22cm
128 pages

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