Clutch Bag | Leather | Daisybell Kulyuru | Red

These beautiful leather clutch bags are all individually embroidered with the art of an Australian Aboriginal artist, through a cross cultural project representing both Aboriginal and Kashmiri artists using the handicraft - Kashida, that Kashmiris have developed over many generations. Featuring bright fabric lining, a zip pocket inside and a wrist strap to leave your hands free. Big enough to fit your phone and purse, but still small and convenient.

Walka - Tjulpun Tjulpunpa is by Aboriginal artist Daisybell Kulyuru who describes this painting as Walka. Walka is any meaningful mark or pattern, it may be an image on a cave wall, on rock or on sand and has cultural and ritual significance. This painting depicts tjulpun tjulpunpa or wildflowers from the bush. They can be seen in all forms throughout the lands, especially after the big rains fall.

22 x 14 cm
With wrist strap

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